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A breakthrough of heat transfer film in packaging hot stamping printing

Issuing time:2021-08-21 17:16

In traditional packaging printing, anodized hot stamping is a very important post printing process. It mainly focuses on hot stamping patterns, words and lines to highlight the product name, trademark and label, beautify the product, and improve the grade of packaging products

Anodized hot stamping is also often used for post press processing of hardcover book covers, greeting cards, calendars and other products. The anodized hot stamping process is as follows: the anodized is heated through the hot stamping plate, the stripping layer melts, and then the adhesive layer melts. During embossing, the adhesive layer adheres to the substrate, and the coloring layer is separated from the polyester film base, The aluminum plating layer and coloring layer are left on the substrate. Hot stamping anodized aluminum on the package can not only beautify the product and improve the product grade, but also play a certain anti-counterfeiting role

However, in the process before and after hot stamping printing, there will be problems such as the matching of hot stamping color and printing color and the impact of post hot stamping processing on hot stamping, the paper receiving and overprint accuracy of hot stamping position and printing pattern, the impact of pre hot stamping and post hot stamping processing, and the selection of hot stamping equipment and materials, Especially in the secondary printing after ironing, there are some technical problems, such as the electrochemical aluminum is pulled back by the printing ink, which makes it difficult to solve the problem of stability in the process of use

The newly developed thermal transfer film product of our company combines the traditional process of printing + electrochemical aluminum hot stamping + (secondary printing) into one (or three into one), which solves the above problems at one time, solves the old and difficult problem of inaccurate color matching of hot stamping patterns in the past, and also solves the complex process of printing + electrochemical aluminum hot stamping + printing, saving manpower, material resources Hot stamping and printing raw materials, hot stamping equipment, etc. greatly shorten the process flow and time, reduce the production cost, further improve the quality of heat transfer film, and make it possible to complete the rich and colorful packaging printing at one time. It is a major innovation in the packaging printing industry

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