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Heat transfer film is the most widely used handicraft in today's industry

Issuing time:2021-08-21 17:22

Heat transfer film is a widely used printing process in today's textile and garment industry. It has a wide variety, including offset ironing, wool planting ironing, flat ironing and convex ironing. It has different styles and can replace traditional embroidery and silk screen printing. It also has obvious advantages in cost and price. The hot stamping pattern has smooth surface, strong three-dimensional sense, water-resistant, non cracking, non fading and accurate overprint, The handwriting lines are clear, the patterns are realistic and can reach the photo effect. It is a transfer printing process. Compared with other direct screen printing, it is easier to use. Just put the transfer paper pattern on the surface of the transferred fabric (cloth sheet) and press it with a hot stamping machine or electric iron for several seconds, and the pattern will be transferred to the object, which is convenient, fast and not easy to fall off. It can be used for ready-made clothes Decorative cloth and other fabrics are often suitable for advertising shirts, cultural shirts, bags, hats, aprons and other products. Transfer printing products have the characteristics of sun resistance, water washing resistance, dry and wet grinding resistance, good color fastness, strong sense of hierarchy and bright colors

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